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Involvement with NSI will be a mutually rewarding partnership. We believe that integrity and clear communication are fundamental elements of a successful business.

"Our company will personify a positive spirit that embraces challenge and achieves excellence.  We will do our best to exceed our customers' expectations."

We owe our success over the last 20+ years to the mutually rewarding partnerships formed with customers, suppliers, and employees. Our company is, in fact, dedicated to the prosperity of our partners. It is this dedication that continues to define NSI as we constantly challenge and improve our business processes for efficiency, productivity, and growth.

  • Our Market - Based in Springfield, Illinois, Nelson Systems, Inc. specializes in technical services that support mission critical applications including hospitals, law offices, call centers, and emergency settings. Centralized call tracking, guaranteed response time, and 24-hour service have been standards at NSI since 1989. In that time, we have done "whatever it takes" to stay on the leading edge of information technology services. In this business, standing still is not an option.
  • Our People - At NSI, we work in a team environment that allows our employees to focus on their area of expertise. All employees are formally trained, specialized, and involved in the development of business processes that allow individuals to excel as a part of our team. This approach allows us to deliver expert solutions that reflect the best of what our staff offers. Nelson Systems will always be known as a superior customer service company.
  • Our Product - Our longstanding relationships with established, industry-dominant suppliers have allowed us to consistently offer our customers high-quality, long-term solutions. We value the relationships we have with our suppliers, and believe integrity and clear communication are the fundamental elements of this and any successful business partnership.
  • Looking Ahead - At NSI we are dedicated to the prosperity of our partners, and committed to the continuous development of best practices for our company. As our company grows and the marketplace changes, NSI will continue to offer our customers, suppliers, and employees Systems for Success.


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