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Your departments are all over the country. You are physically moving tapes and documents from point A to B. Courier costs are rocketing. What do you do?

For organizations that currently rely on dictation as a key part of their document creation process, the Winscribe digital dictation system delivers a revolution in work management and brings significant cost reductions.

With the Winscribe system, dictations are intelligently managed via a central server and automatically sent to secretaries or outsourced transcription providers, no matter where they are located, to streamline the transcription process.

Winscribe is in use by numerous commercial organizations, where it provides access to anywhere, anytime document creation, with telephone, PC, Internet, handheld recorder and PDA dictation.

Commercial organizations often require software solutions that are compatible with their existing technology infrastructure. Winscribe's open standards platform enables you to better utilize these resources by providing a robust scaleable software solution.

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