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Olympus DS-7000

The Digital Voice Recorder you’ve been waiting for.

Developed for professionals who require secure, reliable, flexible products that are simple and intuitive to use. The improved controls on the DS-7000, color LCD screen, security and enhanced battery life mark a new industry standard in professional dictation.


Improved speech-optimized microphone features independent housing and variable recording modes to assist you in keeping recordings free from dead space, saving on recording capacity.

Premium Security

The new DS-7000 device offers password protection and real-time 128- or 256- bit file encryption to keep your recordings safe.

Multi-Function Cradle

Enables you to charge your device from your computer via USB and for direct file transfer. A powerful, high-quality hands-free dictation solution.

Battery Life

Features a rechargeable Lithium ion battery marking a new industry standard in professional dictation.

Color Display

An exceptional 2-inch color LED (TFT) display. 46% larger than former DS-5000 model.

Slide-Switch Operation

Durable and precise slide switch. It’s lightweight and easy to use for increased productivity.

DSS Player Pro Software

Voice productivity starts with smart software

The DSS Player Pro software provides direct recording to your PC, automatic retrieval of typed documents, automatic distribution of recordings via email, and much more. Simply, it helps you work smarter.

  • Clean functional program design on your screen
  • Move & manage files with ease
  • Distribute files via email/FTP
  • Encrypt/Decrypt dictations
  • Upload files from anywhere
  • Windows and Apple Macintosh compatible

20 or More People In Your Office?

Speech Recognition Compatibility - WinScribe offers integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.

Powerful Telephone Interface - The WinScribe Telephone Author application turns your telephone into the worlds most advanced dictation-recording device.

Integrated Enterprise Solution - Utilizing your existing IT infrastructure and telephone network, WinScribe takes full advantage of your current technology investment. By providing built-in software system tools, WinScribe enables you to seamlessly integrate with backend office systems, thereby maximizing productivity.

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Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

The new AS-7000 is the perfect accompaniment for companies with high-volume dictations. As a complementary product to the DS-7000 or DS-3500, it provides transcriptionists with a convenient and ergonomic aid to boost productivity. The footswitch features four pedals that can be fully customized to suit specific user needs. In addition, the top and center pedals are lockable. Used in conjunction with the included Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Transcription Module, the AS-70000 allows for full hands-free playback - including stop/start, cue, rewind and variable speeds.

AS-7000 Main Features

Olympus Dictation Management Software R6 - Transcription Module

  • Footswitch RS31 with serial and USB adapter:
  • » 4 pedals suitable for all kinds and sizes of shoes
  • » Button configuration customizable to individual needs
  • » Top or center paddle lockable
  • » Full hands free control of playback application (ODMS transcription module)
  • » Slip-proof
  • Under Chin Ear Phone E62:
  • » Stereo headset with speech driven sound
  • » High wear comfort even during long-term periods of work
Nelson Systems

The experienced staff at Nelson systems can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow with the power of the Olympus line of digital dictation. All employees are formally trained, specialized, and involved in the integration of Olympus hardware and software. This approach allows us to deliver expert solutions that reflect the best of what our staff offers.

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