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Winscribe offers dictation solutions for multiple vertical markets. These solutions include features designed to meet the needs of each specialist industry and are scaleable from small single office locations up to large multinational corporations with offices located in several countries.

Winscribe empowers every organization to take control of their document management, dictation and transcription needs.  Designing secure and scalable dictation and transcription solutions is what we do best.  Winscribe provides a suite of enterprise products incorporating digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription and workflow management.  We have solutions for multiple industry sectors including medical, transcription, legal, insurance, law enforcement and government.

Nelson Systems has received awards as Winscribe's #1 sales and service partner in the US many times and has been a Platinum Partner for many years.  Give us a call today and we'll work with you to customize and deliver a solution for your business needs.


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