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Pilot Program Puts Police on Foot

Posted 9/9/16 

On a hot August afternoon, police officers Kevin Grundy and Justin Garrett got out of their patrol car and walked toward the John B. Hughes Apartments. They didn't have warrants to serve. They weren't searching for suspects. Neither officer had been called to the scene of a crime.

A Well Trained Team is an Effective Team

Posted 8/19/16 

The Emory University School of Medicine's Department of Emergency Medicine has received a $375,000 grant to help train first responders, and workers whose jobs may expose them to infectious diseases, in ways to protect themselves and prevent the spread of disease.

Retaining Customers Might Be Easier Than You Think

Posted 7/29/16

In addition to creating the easiest experience for the customer, offering omnichannel customer service also benefits a company’s bottom line. When contact center agents are enabled to provide personalized service on any channel, it increases their productivity rates and allows them to help more customers complete their purchases from their preferred channel of communication.

How Big Data is Helping Solve Crimes Faster

Posted 7/22/16  

On December 4, 2015, NYPD officers in New York’s 73rdprecinct received alerts on their mobile phones from a new high technology “shot-spotter” system...

Real Life Example of Text to 911 Importance

Posted 7/15/16  

With gunshots ringing out just feet away, Eddie Justice hid in a bathroom in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and frantically texted his mother for help.

Why Smartphones Struggle With 911

Posted 7/8/16 

When it comes to 911, a dichotomy of functionality seems to exist. We have apps to organize our lives, link us to friends and summon our favorite pizza delivery dude. Despite this, providing 911 centers anything more than very coarse location granularity remains a challenge.

Did Europe Just Fix Cellular Location?

Posted 7/1/16

The biggest challenge cellular mobile phones introduce for 911 is location accuracy—especially during an emergency call. The problem is a global one, inherited with any wireless technology. 

Better Customer Service is the Secret to Success

Posted 6/17/16  

Great customer service and being the best institution is more than just a friendly face these days. Your technology and behind-the-scenes operations are hugely important. 


How Will the Cloud Help Your Law Firm?

Posted 6/3/16 

More and more law firms are migrating to cloud-based technology in order to harness the many benefits and opportunities it provides. In fact, 51% of the respondents to ILTA’s 2015 Technology Survey indicated that they expected their firm would increase the adoption of cloud-based solutions.


What's Next for Dispatch Centers?

Posted 5/27/16  

It is very difficult to tell where future technological developments in Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) will take us. We speculate that they will drastically change the way we conduct our day-to-day business. One way to examine where we are going is to look at the history of changing technology.


Improving Call Quality in a Dispatch or Call Center

Posted 5/20/16 

Monitoring isn’t all about spotting problems and dealing with them. It’s also about identifying and amplifying positive messages. Even in today’s technologically sophisticated contact centres, a simple ‘thank you’ can work wonders.  Here our panels of experts share their tips with us...


2016 Call Center Trends

Posted 5/13/16 

The best way of deciding how to improve performance at the contact center is to step back and look at it from a 360-degree view. It’s a lot to consider, which is why this whitepaper will help highlight the most popular areas being forecasted this year.


Dispatcher Misconceptions

Posted 5/06/16 

9-1-1… the phone number dialed in North America for emergency police, fire, or medical services. Everyone knows the phone number, but not everyone knows what happens when you call it. Even less is known about the people who answer those calls: emergency dispatchers.


Helpful Tips for Interview Room Design

Posted 4/29/16

When it comes to the safety of law enforcement personnel, attention to detail is an important consideration for all interactions with those who are detained, arrested, interviewed, and prosecuted. This article explains how attention to detail enhances safety and productivity in a secure interview room setting.


Documentation and the EHR

Posted 4/22/16


The shift from volume-based reimbursement to value-based is a clear and well-documented imperative. Yet the industry mission to balance the cost/quality equation involves a complex array of mandates and initiatives.


Benefits of Dictation

Posted 4/15/16


A well-documented medical record is essential to providing quality care and should tell a complete patient story. It should be documented expeditiously, but thoroughly, to enable physicians and other healthcare professionals to make timely decisions based on all available patient information.  Here are 7 great ways dictation helps out in an EHR environment.


Dispatcher Talks Man Out of Taking His Own Life

Posted 4/8/16\

Wow!  Great story with a happy ending.  Ready to jump off a bridge and end his life Thursday morning, a man dialed 911.  “I’m looking over the railing,” the man told a New Haven dispatcher. “I’m gonna let myself go.”


Helpful Tips for Call Center Recording

Posted 4/1/16

Are you compliant? Contact centers are often dispersed around the globe, making compliance and oversight difficult. Here are four astonishingly common compliance breaches, and suggestions for guarding against them.



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