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Remote monitoring

We realize that your systems are critical to the success of your business and are prepared to help ensure they are always online.  With active monitoring, we will be notified when there are potential problems with your system, and our technicians may be able to resolve issues before your users even notice.  Now that's a fast response!

See below for samples of the alerts we have set up for systems under our maintenance agreement.  Give us a call for more details.

Alert Message
General Monitoring
We will receive e-mail alerts of a variety of events specifically targeted to allow us to help keep your system running at peak performance.  Color-coded "traffic light" alerts provide a clear visual display of the status of alerts for each computer group to our technicians.
Monitor CPU and Memory Load

Set thresholds linked to time periods on which to receive alerts, and then escalate those alerts.  For example:
CPU Alert 1:  If the CPU load exceeds 70% for 10 minutes, send an e-mail to
CPU Alert 2:  If the CPU load exceeds 70% for 20 minutes, send an e-mail to

Monitor Disk Space Prevent computer crashes by monitoring disk space.  For example, if disk space drops to less than 20% on a backup server, or if a log file gets too large, send an e-mail to
Monitor for Specific Files Check whether specific files have been installed.  For example, if the company policy prohibits instant messenger programs, set up an alert to monitor for installation of these programs.
Monitor Computers Coming Online or Going Offline Set time thresholds for how long a computer, such as a mission-critical server, is permitted to be offline.  We will receive immediate notification if they exceed these thresholds (for example, during an extended power outage).
Monitor Applications and Services - Start, Stop or Crash

Sends an alert when mission critical applications stop or crash.  This could include the corporate dictation system, recording system, etc.  Our trained staff may be able to repair your problem before your users even notice it.

Monitor Events Link alerts to Windows event logs to generate alerts when certain events are activated.  For example, send an e-mail to us when the RAID controller experiences an error.

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